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ANNOUNCEMENT: 45 Blast Announces Partnership with CANiK

ANNOUNCEMENT: 45 Blast Announces Partnership with CANiK

45 Blast is excited to announce our partnership with CANiK! We're honored to work with such a highly respected company in the firearm industry. Their superior firearms have quickly become a staple of the versatile handgun market, and 45 Blast's compensators are the perfect complementary accessory, increasing the performance and aesthetic appeal of each specific CANiK handgun.

Since 45 Blast’s inception in March of 2021, our fortunes have closely been tied to CANiK. Our company was founded with the intention of bringing the best high-end compensators and accessories to match the acumen and growing prestige of CANiK firearms. Since then, CANiK has reached out to tell us that they’ve loved our compensators after rigorous testing, and not soon after wanted to enter into a partnership. After having several meetings on what direction we wanted that partnership to go, we’ve officially sealed the deal.

What Does This Mean?

First, this means that 45 Blast compensators will be designed in collaboration with CANiK to fit new CANiK firearms. Select product designs will benefit from being worked on by the R&D departments at both CANiK and 45 Blast. This raises the bar from our products being high-quality third-party accessories to being a truly seamless part of each CANiK design; each compensator becoming a harmonious component of the engineering of its designated CANiK pistol.

Second, this means that you will be able to purchase 45 Blast compensators exclusively through CANiK's channels and the 45 Blast website. This means you can purchase the perfect compensator for your CANiK handgun at an actual CANiK store.

CANiK and 45 Blast Partnership

Continuing to Build a Relationship with CANiK

At 45 Blast, we recognized early on that CANiK would become a major player in the versatile handgun market. CANiK's commitment to quality, value, and performance mirrors our own, showcased in the continued prizes in excellence that they continue to be awarded. 

Such awards include the following:

  • 2022 ICA Pistol of the Year
  • 2020 ICA Pistol of the Year
  • 2019 ICA Pistol of the Year
  • 2018 Ballistic Magazine’s Most Versatile/Value Pistol
  • 2017 ICA Pistol of the Year

Winning the Industry Choice Awards (ICA) as many times as they have is a particularly impressive feat, as they are the only handgun brand that has won first prize in a U.S.-based competition three times in the last four years.

We're always trying to improve our business and products to bring the best possible compensators and accessories to the market. Thank you for your continued support of 45 Blast as we enter this exciting new chapter.

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