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About Us

Welcome to 45 Blast, the newest player in high-end firearm equipment. Our mission is simple: to make and sell the very best handgun accessories available on the market. Like us, our customers know guns, and their standards are high. After all, whether you're using the firearm as a tool for protection or for recreation, you wouldn't trust your safety and enjoyment (as well as those around you) to sub par equipment.

From design to performance, our products undergo the most rigorous review to ensure that each attachment works to the highest standard of excellence. As such, our customers will appreciate not only the functionality of our compensators and extended magazines, but just how good they look, too.

Why We Do What We Do

For us, shooting is more than just a way to blow off steam or get out of the house. When we aim down the sight we are building our relationship with everything and everyone around us; we feel connected to our ancestors who used the gun to feed their family or protect their country, we feel a sporting camaraderie with the men and women around us on the range; we better know and understand ourselves and our senses; we feel connected to our target. By using equipment so perfectly suited for the gun in your hand, you can't help but feel a connection to it, too, every time you pull the trigger.

Our hope is that each time someone sees one of our products in action, they will feel compelled to ask where it came from, and how they can get one. The connection will be there.

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