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Canik Firearms: The New Sherriff in Town

Canik Firearms: The New Sherriff in Town

For every product, there is what is known as the “industry leader.” Determining these leaders can be as simple as identifying which brand is considered to be the best that money can buy and that engineering can create, but there is another metric as well — value; that is, the quality-to-money-spent ratio. What used to be Cadillac cars (a name still synonymous with “superior”), Blockbuster movie rentals, and Electrolux vacuum cleaners, is now Tesla, Netflix, and Shark, respectively. As diverse as these markets are (it doesn’t get much more different than a car and a vacuum), each of these products was considered at one time or another to not only be the best version of the industry, but the best that could also be reasonably affordable to the average consumer

For a market as diverse as firearms, the industry leader has shifted a number of times over the past two centuries of the modern era. Names like Colt, Smith & Wesson, Browning, and Glock have all been heralded as the finest in terms of price, ease-of-use, and stopping power, while in terms of sales, the crown has been passed all over Europe and America, with the German Walther, the Italian Beretta, and the American Ruger, each enjoying astronomical success.

The New Industry Standard

Today, a new leader has been identified and is quickly becoming a household name among gun enthusiasts and first-time buyers alike. What started out as a variation made after the German/Austrian school of handgun architecture, the next big name in firearms hails all the way from Turkey and is achieving a performance and style that is yet to be matched. That manufacturer is Canik.

As a new player in the gun accessories market ourselves, we at 45 Blast have had the privilege of having studied the old greats and used them as a jumping-off point for our own unique designs. From that perspective, we get to enjoy a bit of a “takes one to know one” attitude when it comes to making a splash in a competitive industry. Canik firearms are more than worthy of the attention. 

Recognizable Quality

In just a few short years, Canik has carved a name for itself as the must-have firearm, both in terms of competition and self-defense. On the review circuit alone, Canik handguns have been referred to as “the best value in concealed carry,” “the best budget competition firearm,” and “a fantastic value firearm that offers a lot for the price.” It’s clear that in terms of performance and practicality, Canik not only shines in terms of its mechanics but also in terms of price. 

“After shooting the’s hard to find a reason to truly dislike this gun,” writes one reviewer. “It’s a quality handgun that fires great and is fun to shoot...Not only that, but the Canik is perfect for those on a budget!” 

One might wonder why price keeps coming up when discussing the viability of Canik. As anyone who is contemplating owning a gun for self-defense can attest, the ability to confidently protect one’s assets and loved ones with a quality piece of hardware and not breaking the bank is a huge advantage. This is even more true when one considers how many gun accessories actually provide a marked improvement on how the firearm performs.

45 Blast Improves Canik

One thing rings true about industry leaders, and that is that they are innovative. Not only do they improve the industry that they are in, but they don’t allow themselves to remain the same over time, lest they are overthrown by competitors with bigger imaginations and better discipline. 

As a Canik partner, 45 Blast helps in that innovation effort by providing the best in gun accessories, made specifically for those models. Be sure to browse our store today to see how we iterate on tried and true attachments like the compensator and extended magazine.

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