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Styles of Holster For Your Canik Handgun

Having the right holster for the right gun is crucial. While tucking a firearm into your waistband, holding it in your armpit, or just having the dog lug it around in its mouth seems more cost-effective, a proper holster allows for a quicker draw and safer carry. A specific holster for your firearm also allows for more discreet and sleek carry, and for every gun, there is a holster. How romantic.


The TP9SFX is a Turkish model of the TP series made mostly for target shooting. Its smaller counterpart, the TP9SF was a finalist in the selection process for the standard handgun of the Danish military in 2018. The TP9SFX “The choice of champions” is a firearm that features front serrations and an extended slide for greater shooting control. A 5.20-inch barrel allows for better accuracy further down range. It is a premium version of the TP series of pistols. The compensator offered for this model adds a bit of weight but increases accuracy and is definitely worth it as an addition to an already solid firearm. 

A compensator is a huge boon to accuracy and decreasing recoil for more stable shooting. A compensator works to reduce recoil in a way that is similar but different from a common muzzle brake. Whereas a muzzle brake will direct gasses backward to stabilize the firearm by pushing it forward, a compensator will reroute and expel the gasses outward to stabilize the muzzle. The compensator sold by 45 Blast for the TP9SFX reduces recoil by roughly 60-80%. The 45 Blast holster is specifically designed for all 45 Blast compensators, so you don’t have to waste time taking your compensator on and off in between holstering and unholstering. Only four screws are necessary to install the compensator. Simple. Easy. And for more easy install tips, visit our  installation page for any questions you might have. The holster will also hold your firearm without the compensator. The holster comes in a variety of colors including: 

  • Red 
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Raw Aluminum

The Classic

The TP9 often referred to as the “Glock killer”, is one of the best all-around handguns on the market today. At a crazy affordable price of around $425, the original model of TP9 has many similarities to the Walther P99. The TP9 is a direct challenge to that competitor and is described as a “spiritual sibling” of the P99. A big difference is its larger size compared to the P99, making it a sturdier choice. It is regarded as one of the most cost-effective and reliable handguns on the market. 


The TP9SA is the single action iteration of the TP9 series, allowing for a lighter and smoother pull on the trigger increasing accuracy. The easier trigger pull also makes this a great choice for beginner shooters. All of the TP9 models could be described as a great starting handgun. 

TP9 Elite Combat

The TP9 Elite Combat Firearm is the “Crown Jewel” of the TP series. “Take it to the next level” with this gun you find unparalleled performance on the range. Featuring performance finishes on internal and external components. The new CET(Canik Enhanced Trigger) trademarked trigger features a flat-face aluminum trigger design with nickel-coated internal components. This gun gets you, literally, the most bang for your buck. 

45 Blast makes it easy for you to have a holster that is specifically suited to your Canik handgun. In 2012 Canik partnered with Century Arms to bring this spectacular arsenal from Turkey to the United States and ever since the industry has been trying to keep up with their proprietary advancements.

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