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Tips for Packing Guns During a Move

Tips for Packing Guns During a Move

Gun Safety Is Critical for a Move

Make sure to protect your family and your guns by safely packing and moving them. Follow these tips to avoid any accidents or damage.

Unload All Firearms

The first step is to make sure that your guns have been unloaded.  This is extremely important. All ammunition should be removed from the gun to ensure that no accidents happen during the moving process.

Wrap Your Guns to Protect the Finish

The second step is to make sure that your guns are properly wrapped and packed. Each gun should be wrapped individually to keep it from being damaged. If you have the original box and packing material that the gun came in, use those. If not, place the unloaded guns in a proper-sized box, one that fits snugly and securely. While you can pack more than one gun in a box, be careful that you do not make it too heavy.

Label Properly

Always label the box. Even if you do not want to label it with “firearms,” choose a code word that you will remember. Also, mark it as fragile. If you aren’t the one actually transporting your firearms, then you want to make sure the moving crew knows to treat them with care.

Plan for Heavy Weight

If your guns are located in a gun safe, then your biggest issue will be weight. The combined weight of the safe, the firearms, and the ammunition can be overwhelming. Make sure that you have a dolly on hand (with a safety strap to make sure the safe remains secure) or enlist the help of a moving professional to make sure that you don’t damage the safe or your back.

Follow Local Gun Laws

Once you are on the road, make sure that your guns are being transported according to the laws of your state. Each state has different gun laws and if you will be passing through other states, you will need to learn and follow their regulations. 

By following these simple guidelines you can make sure that all of your firearms and ammunition make it safely, and legally, to your new home.

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