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Top Reasons To Use A Compensator for your Canik Handgun

Top Reasons To Use A Compensator for your Canik Handgun

A compensator is a huge boon to accuracy and decreasing recoil for more stable shooting. A compensator works to reduce recoil in a way that is similar but different to a common muzzle brake. Whereas a muzzle brake will direct gasses backward to stabilize the firearm by pushing it forward, a compensator will reroute and expel the gasses outward to stabilize the muzzle. The compensator sold by 45 Blast for the TP9SFX reduces recoil by roughly 60-80%. The 45Blast holster is specifically designed for all 45 Blast compensators, so you don’t have to waste time taking your compensator on and off in between holstering and unholstering. Only four screws are necessary to install the compensator. Simple. Easy. And for more easy install tips, visit the  installation page for any questions you might have. The compensator comes in a variety of colors including: 

  • Red 
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Raw Aluminum
  • Tungsten
  • Two-Tone

Canik handguns are as incredibly easy to maintain as they are to shoot. Disassembly is on the simpler side with the number of parts you’re breaking the gun down to four. The vast majority of Canik handguns break down into four basic pieces. Adding a compensator makes it five:

  • Recoil spring 
  • Frame
  • Slide
  • Barrel

Increasing Accuracy

Compensators add a bit of weight to a firearm but not much. First of all, the added length of the barrel is going to aid in the accuracy of your gun. Having a longer barrel allows the propellant to burn more completely adding to the velocity force acting on the round. More force, more range, more accurate. Secondly, the compensator reduces recoil. Dealing with less recoil from a firearm means that you can get back on target faster. In the sense that you can realign your shot after firing more quickly, your accuracy is increased when the need for quick shooting arises. 

It Looks Cool

One more perfectly valid reason to have a compensator, besides all the practical ones, it just looks cool. It does! If you put one of these things on your pistol it makes it look 10x cooler and slightly more futuristic. It’s worth it for the look alone. 

No Need To Take It Off

If you’re worried about having to take the compensator off in between holstering, worry no more. All Canik holsters will hold your firearm with the compensator as well as without one. The only time you should need to disassemble the compensator is if you want your gun to look less cool(or, yeah sure, if you need to clean it).

Check out the variety of options you have for accessories and compensators on 45 Blast for any and all of your Canik needs.
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