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What Are the Benefits of Adding a Compensator to Your Handgun

What Are the Benefits of Adding a Compensator to Your Handgun

You’ve just purchased a Canik handgun, and you’re interested in what accessories you could add to it. Adding a compensator to your handgun has recently become all the rave. Beside’s making your handgun look sharper, what are some of the other benefits of adding a compensator to your handgun? 

How A Compensator Works 

To understand the benefits of using a compensator, you first have to understand what it is and how it works. 

A compensator is an attachment you add to the barrel of your handgun. It is designed with slots on the top and sides which directs the escaping gas upwards. 

What Does This Do? 

When the compensator channels the high-pressure gas upward and outward, there is an equal and opposite reaction that occurs. The force of the gas going upwards creates downward pressure, resulting in less muzzle rise. 

Benefits of Using A Handgun Compensatory 

The number one benefit of using a compensator is that it mitigates muzzle rise. 

When the barrel of a handgun doesn’t rise as much when fired, it creates better accuracy and faster shooting time. It creates more control which then attributes to greater accuracy. There is a significant decrease in the time between each shot as you are able to stay on target and keep steady control. 

Less Recoil 

Because of the compensator’s ability to decrease muzzle rise, it naturally decreases recoil as well. This is especially helpful when shooting with one hand or when you have to shoot with your non-dominant hand. 

Less recoil results in greater control, a smoother shot, and a more steady hand.

Faster Shooting Time 

When you’re out on the shooting range, you’re probably wanting to practice quick shooting and see how many shots you can get in a single round. With the addition of a compensator, practicing quick shots is significantly easier. It allows you to focus more on control and accuracy as you practice quick shooting. 


Yes, adding style to your handgun is a real benefit. While increased performance is the first and foremost benefit of a compensator, it will bring style to your handgun as well. It will add a sleek addition to your gun’s barrel, and you can find the fit and style that works, and looks, the best for your Canik handgun. 

Type of Handguns Compensators Work Best With 

The benefits of adding a compensator to your handgun are clear, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for everyone or for every gun. Compensators work really nice within the following categories: 

  • Concealed carry handguns 
  • Competition handguns 
  • Handguns for home defense 
  • Duty Carry handguns 

Drawbacks of Using a Compensator 

When deciding whether a compensator is something you want to invest in, it’s important to be aware of the drawback as well. 

  1. More Noise 

Because of the gas being forced upward and outward, the soundwaves created from the shot are also pushed upward and outward. This directs the sound waves towards your face, resulting in more noise. 

  1. Longer Barrel 

Adding a compensator to the barrel of your handgun will result in extra length. This can negatively affect concealed pocket handguns and compact pistols.

  1. Breathing Gas 

Just as the soundwaves are directed to your face, the gas escaping the chamber will also be directed at your face. This isn’t much of an issue for shorter sessions on the range and if you’re wearing eye protection. But, longer sessions may result in the negative effects of breathing gas, which could make you feel sick. 

Finding A Compensator For Your Canik Handgun 

Because of their growing popularity, high-quality compensators are easy to find. Make sure you purchase a compensator that is specifically made for your Canik handgun and will fit tightly to your barrel. 

After purchasing your compensator, head out to the range to ensure it fits your barrel and functions properly. This shouldn’t take too much encouragement, as you’re probably eager to hit the range and enjoy your top-performance Canik handgun.

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