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Canik TP9 Elite Combat

Much has been written about the storied journey of Turkey’s Canik Firearms as they have gone from the niche manufacturer of airplane parts and ballistic weaponry to the world leader in combat firearms. The path that began with the unassuming TP9, a journeyman’s handgun styled after the early Walther pistols that wasn’t flashy but belied reliability that would become a hallmark of Canik in the future. 

Over time, iterations and improvements were made to the original TP9 design, which drew the attention of enthusiasts and gun accessories manufacturers all over the world. By honing in on comfort and style, the TP9 gave way to the TP9SA. A landmark handgun that made improvements to every facet of the design, the architects of the SA at Canik used the gun to signal their interest in customizability, flirting with the idea of attachment swapping by leaving room for an under-barrel rail in the Mod2 design. With the SA — and later the TP9SFx — making a splash on the competition circuit, something was becoming very clear about Canik: if you wanted a versatile weapon that would excel in front of a judge’s table as well as in front of an armed hostile, you had to buy Turkish.

Canik TP9 Elite Combat

The Way of the Future

Never wanting to rest on their laurels, the architects at Canik took all they learned from decades of innovation and launched themselves into a new era of firearm superiority with the TP9 Elite series. Within that series, the Combat has already enjoyed immense demand from a community of gun owners who want the best defense that money can buy and the best sport that experience can create. 

A joint effort with Salient Arms International, which excels in gun part upgrades, Canik has created a handgun that boasts superior components and design.

  • An improved Canik Enhanced Trigger increases gun safety
  • An improved design to the muzzle’s thread protector 
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • A versatile magazine release
  • Under- and over-rails to add gun accessories and attachments

The TP9 Elite Combat represents the first step into the future, and 45 Blast is preparing all sorts of great products to accommodate this special handgun. Keep an eye on the store updates to our Elite accessory line, which is guaranteed to help you shoot straighter and make you look good while doing it.

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