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Getting Ready For Your Concealed Carry

Getting Ready For Your Concealed Carry

According to recent figures, there are over 17 million active concealed carry permits in the United States. That means there are over 17 million empowered people who take the defense of their person and their neighbors out with them, wherever they go. In a recent study carried out within the last five years, four out of five people cited personal protection as the main reason they carried a concealed weapon each day, while nearly six percent of people admitted to having been threatened at gunpoint within the previous five years. 

The diversity of people purchasing guns and gun accessories has been growing rapidly of late, beyond the projections of typical yearly activity. Gunshop owners report a higher percentage of single women are purchasing guns, as well as minority men and women across every demographic. This coincides with a surge in demand for quality gun accessories, creating tremendous amounts of traffic in both brick-and-mortar and online stores, such as .45 Blast. 

These statistics track the types of people currently applying for concealed carry permits over the last few years. With that number quickly approaching 20 million (nearly eight times more than the applications on file at the turn of the 21st Century), these diverse individuals account for the exponential growth of the number of permit applications, while the percentage of regular applicants (i.e. whites and males) shows no significant change.

Applying for a Concealed Carry Permit

Regardless of what demographic you fall into, you may be curious about joining the millions of other responsible gun owners who elect to carry their guns with them on a daily basis. Such gun owners are routinely identified as some of the most observant, careful, and law-abiding citizens in the country. When preparing to apply for a concealed carry permit, it’s important to remember a few things: 

  • There are minimum requirements to clear first: These requirements shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who already legally owns a gun, but federal restrictions include not being a fugitive from justice, dishonorable discharges from the military, illegal aliens, and those who have been convicted of domestic violence or against whom there is a restraining order issued. 
  • There is a concealed carry course: Not every state requires proof of graduation from this course, but having formal training in how to handle a firearm properly will only increase your worthiness of carrying full-time. It may have an influence on future court appearances as well if there is ever a reason for you to use your gun in self-defense.
  • Remember to include all pertinent documents along with your application: These include a copy of a valid driver’s license, a copy of your background check and fingerprints, as well as a copy of any firearm training certificates. Remember that all of these documents must have been issued within a relevant timeframe. 

  • Once obtained, the concealed carry permit is valid for five years unless revoked. For those who carry their guns each day, it is clear that performance and convenience are of the highest priority. As such, many customers look to .45 Blast’s to increase these factors for their firearms.

    Responsibility and Style

    The gun accessories found at .45 Blast serve the dual purpose of being good to look at and good to use. The extended magazine and compensator attachments ensure that when that individual is called upon to use their gun to protect themselves and others, they will have a better chance at accuracy and ammo capacity than the typical gun owner in the same situation. Visiting our store will reveal all that it means to be a .45 Blast gun﹘a stylish and functional tool for keeping those you care about safe.   

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