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The Must-Have Accessories for Your Firearm

The Must-Have Accessories for Your Firearm

Much like car enthusiasts can never be truly satisfied with the base features of a vehicle, gun owners will likely find themselves researching upgradable accessories in order to find the best-looking, best-performing attachments available. While the aesthetic benefits shouldn’t be ignored﹘guns provide both men and women a type of confidence that goes beyond simply being prepared for an altercation; guns give people swagger﹘most responsible concealed carriers look at the gun as an essential tool to the well-being of their neighborhood, their family, and their possessions. It is an instrument of security and a symbol of the free agency that built America.

Much like those who come to this country to achieve their full potential, the enthusiasts who kit out their cars, their entertainment centers, or their guns are looking for ways to expand the value and functionality of their most-used and most-treasured possessions. It is for this reason that 45 Blast was founded. As a seller of fine gun accessories, one that is looking to expand our selection in exciting and dynamic ways, we want to celebrate the attachments that turn a great gun into an exceptional piece of hardware.

Must-Have Gun Accessories

As a tool comprised of numerous pieces that all fit together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle, the gun can be disassembled and reassembled with better parts as the handler acquires them. This means that there have been advancements made to virtually every part of the firearm. Let’s review the best upgrades one can buy, from the barrel to the stock.


The muzzle of the gun is the end of the tunnel through which the bullet passes. There are a number of well-known attachments that can be added in order to affect the distribution of energy caused by firing.

  • Compensator: The compensator funnels the gasses created from the explosion of the charge by sending it up and out of the muzzle, thus compensating for its force on your accuracy. 
  • Flash Hider: The flash created from firing the gun can often be blinding to the shooter. The flash suppressor diverts the fire so that it is easier for the person handling the gun to see the target.
  • Muzzle Break: Much like the compensator, the muzzle break directs the gasses (and thus, the force) of the gun back towards the shooter, leading the gun to go forwards instead of back. This should help the shooter manage recoil, especially on large-caliber firearms.
  • Barrel

    The barrel is the tunnel that guides the bullet as it is fired from the chamber of the gun. Attachments to the barrel can cover a wide variety of uses.

  • Bipod: A bipod is a stand that the barrel rests on in order to add stability to the weapon as the shooter aims. Usually the heavier the weapon, or the larger the bullet, the more indispensable the bipod becomes.
  • Laser Sight: A laser sight is a great way for gun handlers to have confidence in the path of their bullet when they are firing from the hip. This is usually only needed for close engagements and can be used on a handgun or shotgun.
  • Bayonet: While it may seem unbelievable, bayonets are still finding use today. Instead of being a long, sword-like apparatus, a modern bayonet is usually a combat knife.
  • Sights

    Sights provide the shooter with a way to direct their aim so that they can hit their target more accurately. There are more technologically advanced sights available for those who don’t want to have to rely on lining up the standard iron sights. 

  • Reflex Sight: A reflex sight has a reticle reflected on a piece of glass that the shooter can use to aim the gun. They are usually small but can be fitted to almost any gun.
  • Scope: A telescopic or magnifying sight, a scope can help shooters aim at something that is a good distance away. Those who use scopes should remember to account for slight adjustments to the gun’s position that can send the bullet far from its intended target.
  • Thermal Scope: These sights are created using a computer to scan the target for heat registers. These can help the shooter see through darkness and fog.
  • Grip

    While there are numerous ways to customize the grip of the gun to ensure an easier hold for the hand, the grip typically houses the magazine for handguns and can be customized accordingly.

  • Extended Magazine: The magazine holds the contingent of ammunition the shooter is prepared to fire at any one time. The extended magazine allows for more shots before needing to reload. 
  • Magwell: A magazine well is designed to house the extended magazine so that it remains part of the body of the gun and doesn’t catch on anything. It also funnels the magazine easily into the grip.

  • There are a number of exciting ways to improve your gun, both in looks and functionality. The gun accessories sold by 45 Blast are guaranteed to give every gun owner a better chance at hitting the target, and our selection of gun accessories is only destined to increase. Be sure to contact us with any questions about our products and our recommendations.

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