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Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

Free Shipping on orders over $150

open field with shooting targets

Searching for Shooting Accuracy

There is arguably nothing more important when it comes to shooting a firearm than accuracy. Improving the trajectory of the bullet ensures better stopping power, more security, a safer shooting experience, and better ammunition management. 

Guns, though, are powerful tools and they will fight with you for dominance. They represent a sort of control over the elements as we harness the force of an explosion, of fire and smoke, to engage with a target tens or even hundreds of feet away from ourselves — all with the most minute movement of our finger.

A well-placed shot is the best indicator of one’s ability to manage the power and recoil of the firearm. There isn’t any reason, however, for it to be more difficult than necessary. It is for this purpose that 45 Blast has invested in the creation of some of the finest gun accessories available.

More Than Just Point and Shoot

Currently, the flagship handgun of 45 Blast’s accessory offerings is the Canik TP9 Elite Combat, widely considered to be one of the finest competition firearms on the market for its price. What makes firearms like these so well-liked in the competition community is the precision with which they are designed.

  • An enhanced trigger blade keeps the gun in safety mode as long as a finger is out of the trigger guard.
  • A port on the slide for improved sighting mechanisms means a better aim every time.
  • A special coating is put on all internal mechanisms, ensuring that the gun never catches or misfires.
  • Easily modifiable for gun accessories to slot into the mag well and the muzzle so your gun feels personalized to you.

Anyone who studies the history of Canik will notice a dedication to innovation that has given us decades of superior firearms. But why make so many adjustments? Again, it is all in the pursuit of accuracy.

The Problem of Power

When we fire a gun, we are literally causing an explosion in the palm of our hands. Consider the detonation of a bomb: there’s the epicenter of the blast, which is characterized by fire and sound, and there’s a shockwave, an area of pressure and gas expanding out from the core. 

In a firearm, each of these parts is accounted for but the actions are so quick that they seem to be happening all at once; we might see, hear, and feel the force of the shot simultaneously as we pull the trigger. The mechanics of firing are as follows:

  • A bullet is loaded into the firing chamber.
  • The action of the gun closes, pushing the firing pin back and holding it there under a spring tension.
  • The trigger releases the firing pin, which strikes the primer on the bottom of the bullet casing, causing an explosion within the casing.
  • The bullet is launched from the casing, followed by all the fire and gas resulting from the small explosion.

The shockwave from the blast is pushing the muzzle of our gun up as gas is pushed out the barrel behind the bullet. This, mixed with any sort of manual compensation we are trying to exert, causes our placement to end up too high or somewhere to the side, especially if we’re taking shots rapidly in succession.

A Problem 45 Blast Can Fix

As one of Canik’s gun accessory manufacturers, 45 Blast’s guns are far more accurate, thanks to their superior muzzle breaks. These attachments, also known as compensators, are of exceptional engineering and are designed to help manage the fire, gas, and force of the gun’s explosion.

One of the reasons the shockwave from the bullet casing causes the gun to drift is because there is traditionally only one hole for the bullet and the explosion byproducts to leave from the gun barrel. A compensator adds vents to the front of the firearm so that the gas is diverted before it exits the front of the muzzle. Additional benefits include:

  • Flatter shooting
  • A weighted muzzle
  • Tighter grouping
  • Faster follow-ups

45 Blast’s unique design compliments guns like the TP9 Elite Combat and the TP9SFX and makes every person sporting one feel even better about their choice to be a Canik owner. 

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