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The Best in Personal Protection

Getting a firearm for personal defense is like choosing a dog: you have to have a good connection with it; it requires that you take care of it often, including cleaning it and taking it out to approved venues; there must be no doubt at who is the master in the relationship. This can be a stressful proposition for some people, but choosing the right gun, like the right dog, is to gain a protector for the house for many years to come. 

Some Things to Consider

Owning a gun is a right and a privilege, and can be plenty of fun. For instance, we here at 45 Blast know guns and think that those by Canik are the best in the world for sportsmanship and defense, which is why we are one of their licensed providers of gun accessories. But everyone is different, and a few things must be considered as you head out to the gun shop to pick up something for yourself. 

  • Comfort: Any gun expert and sharpshooter will tell you that comfort is perhaps the most important thing one should look for when picking a gun. Stress can affect draw time, accuracy, firing, reloading, target selection, and trigger discipline. Choosing a gun that feels comfortable to hold and that you enjoy practicing with is key.
  • Practicality: As purveyors of world-class gun accessories like our famous Canik compensators, we at 45 Blast know that there is a tool for every occasion. A large, .44 caliber magnum will most definitely have the stopping power you’ll want for any home invasion — it will also pass through nearly any wall in your or your neighbor’s home. Understanding where the firing will be happening and choosing accordingly is wise. 
  • Concealment: Many people feel more comfortable having a separate gun on their person while they’re out and about, and leaving something like a shotgun at home for defense there. This makes picking something that can easily be concealed a priority.
  • Reliability: In high-stress situations, the reliability of your firearm is critical to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe from harm. Of course, some models are simply less prone to jamming than others, like revolvers over semi-automatics, for instance. But having an expert look over your gun and not sparing the right firearm in order to favor a cheaper price will go a long way to making sure the gun performs when called upon.
  • Brand: As was stated above, guns shouldn’t be something you should really skimp on in order to save money. Instead, going with a trusted name like the guns 45 Blast works with from Canik, will have a history and reputation of excellence behind it. 

  • Don’t Forget Your Gun Accessories

    So much of that comfort, reliability, and practicality comes from choosing the right accessories to go along with your firearm. These attachments can improve accuracy, grip, recoil, and storage. When looking into home defense, it is important to explore which accessories are available for your choice of handgun, since they can be the difference-maker between a missed shot and one that connects. Peruse the 45 Blast store today to see what the leader in the industry is doing.

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