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Top 6 Accessories To Augment Your TP9 SFX Pistol

Top 6 Accessories To Augment Your TP9 SFX Pistol

If you strive for more control when you shoot, carry a TP9 SFx Canik pistol! If you opt for color, its consummately crafted components will even be coated in Cerakote®-over-Nitride. Although this prized pistol doesn’t need any alterations, it's already adapted for additional accessories, allowing you to augment it even further with ease. To get more from your ammunition while using this masterpiece, mount one of these mods:

Reduce Recoil

Your TP9 wields weight-reducing notches and indentations to heighten your handling. Mount one of these momentum-mitigating accessories to kick it up a notch and knock down your kickback:


Mounting a compensator, or muzzle brake, is momentous in reducing recoil. Pile one on your pistol to smooth out your shooting and strut a more streamlined and stylish TP9.

Recoil Spring

Soften the shock of each shot by installing a smarter spring. Plus, it will prevent just about any jam while jointly doing its job of suppressing spring back. 

Rapidly Reload

Your TP9’s trigger and tolerances have already been tailored to hit your targets at top speed. Fire even faster by reloading more rapidly with these revolutionary renovations:

Cocking Lever

Canik crafted this carry to conjoin with a cocking lever, letting you load at lightning speeds. Since it’s already light and lean, a lever will simply smooth out the process of packing this premium pistol.

Charging Handle

Put one of these on your pistol, and you’ll promote more prompt reloading. Clamp on a charging handle to chuck the old casings from your chamber so charging up is a cinch. 

Get a Good Grip

Your TP9 boasts backup buttons and backstraps of different breadths, and both will benefit you by bolstering your grasp. To get a gorilla-like grip on your gun, go get one of these gadgets: 

Base Plate

These aftermarket accessories will allow you to add extra rounds and extend your gun’s grip, bettering your bond with your base.

Grip Tape

Additionally affixing this accessory will allow you to grip your gun like glue. Grab some tape tailored for your TP9 to tune up your traction.

Canik’s TP9 SFx is a prime choice in a pistol whether or not you opt for mods. If you want to augment your aim, though, accessorizing with any of these aftermarket additions is the way to go!
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