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Canik Firearms

Canik TP9SA MOD.2


The workhorse of the Canik catalog, the TP9SA broke onto the scene as a modified version of Canik’s classic TP9 model, sporting a longer frame along the barrel and a more contoured grip for easier holding. The MOD.2 variation improves further on that design with more care given to its single-action trigger and modifications made to add gun accessories to the sights and under the barrel, like the 45 Blast compensator.



An iteration on the much-adored TP9SA model, the TP9SF handgun made changes to a few of the features that had been with the gun since the original TP9, including the side-mounted de-cocker. Added, too, was a striker-fired trigger, which keeps the gun in safety mode until a finger is placed on the trigger, turning it live. This is similar to most Glock models. The TP9SF is another one of the guns for which 45 Blast has made attachments. 

Canik TP9SFX


Built for speed and precision, the TP9SFX is the king of the show handguns. With the longest barrel yet, this gun presents numerous features that benefit the competitive shooter, including inserts for a fiber-optic sight and an extended magazine (perfect for one of 45 Blast’s mag wells). 

Canik TP9SF Elite

TP9SF Elite

Perfect for self-defense, the Canik TP9SF Elite is a sidearm best chosen for reliability and protection. Now loaded with a number of custom features and a high-end fit and finish, this is a firearm you can trust. TP9SF Elite is a great addition to any arsenal. Pair it with one of 45 Blast's compensators for even better performance.

Canik TP9 Elite Combat

TP9 Elite Combat

For those who want all of the pros of the TP9SFX in a more compact frame, the Elite Combat series of Canik’s TP9 handguns has a smaller magazine and shorter barrel. Perfect for those looking for a lighter firearm, the TP9 Elite Combat still boasts all of the safety features of its larger siblings, like the trigger-mounted safety catch and even a side-mounted safety lever above the grip. Gun accessories for the TP9 Elite are coming soon from 45 Blast.

Canik SFx Rival

SFx Rival

Those loyal to the Canik family of firearms are sure to love the SFx Rival. Joining the lineup of the Turkish brand’s SFx models, the Rival features all the specifications you expect from a competitive shooting pistol.

Canik TP9 METE SFx

Canik TP9 METE SFx

Offers excellent ergonomics, accuracy, and reliability. Canik's goal with the METE series was to elevate the TP series of handguns to a new level of excellence. It's safe to say they've met their goal with this and other METE models.

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